Branding & Logo design

A logo is your face outwards and how your brand is presented, as the identifier of “you”. Build your brand and a logotype fitting you and your audience.

Graphic Design

We work with you to professionally enhance your brand with graphics for social media, broadcasting, advertisement work & more, tailored for your brand!

Illustration & emotes

Looking for some illustration for your broadcast, t-shirts or for subscriber emotes, and more? Look no further as we offer different kinds of illustrative work

Animation & Motion

Everyone loves something extra that spins,  or moves in other ways! Logo stingers, ads, lowerthirds and even animated stream overlays are some that little extra we offer!

A bit of our past work

Some questions & answers

Are these the only services?

Absolutely not! We can work with you to create about anything you desire, the services are mostly a small indicator to the variety of things we work with. We can do a lot more, all from logotype design, t-shirt & print design to full websites and about anything graphical you can think of! If you don’t see the service on this page, don’t hesitate to just contact us about it!

If I have work since before, can I get free changes?

It depends, some services does include free minor changes, if we decide too long time has passed, or the changes are too major, we’d have to discuss a price for the work. Most of the case this price is very low. If the changes you need done is for graphics made by someone else, the price goes up relative to if it was made by us.

Do I get project files to edit things myself?

Yes! For most things you get the PSD/AI files we used to create your graphics, as you paid for custom work you own the rights to change as you please, you do however not own the rights to sell/redistribute the files to any third party.

Are there any discounts?

The bigger the order, the more you save on your orders! We try to give you the best deal for your money, for example, the more scenes and more you have, the more elements will be already designed and reused in more of your items.

Get in touch for a quote

Get in touch with us!

Remember to be descriptive with your message, let us know what you’re looking for in as much detail as possible, references, styling, colors and all you can think of is all great information to have!

The more information we have to start with, the quicker we can get ideas sorted and get to work.